Misplaced Outrage?

In a recent incident, some 4 UN soldiers stationed in Southern Lebanon were killed by an Israeli missile. The said troops were present to “oversee” the ongoing conflict. Somewhat typical of the UN, and also of Kofi Anan:

“U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said he was “deeply distressed” by the “apparently deliberate” strike.”

Power does indeed corrupt, but does it also make one blind? Has mr. Anan been as “deeply distressed” by the “apparently deliberate” strike against the hundreds of Lebanese civillians killed thus far? Don’t get me wrong, greater outrage has been expressed for the equally deliberate attacks against Israeli civillians. But in war, the enemy is and must be dehumanized.

In statements that would make George Orwell shirk and roll in his grave, he will see double-speak raised to the rank of “fair and ballanced” reporting. Our dead are “murdered innocent civillians,” the enemy’s are mere “collateral damage.”

Morality 101: Deliberately targeting and killing civillians (people not willing to get involved into a war) is murder.

Hezbollah are, undoubtably, murderers. They deliberately target and kill Israeli civillians.

Israel officials claim to target only Hezbollah strongholds. However, missiles have struck at and destroyed civillian buildings and killed innocent civillians. Not only that, if a certain Hezbollah would be stationed near a civillian building, the Israeli military has no qualms with blowing up the entire perimeter.

Basically, if your action is deliberate, you are responsible for the effects. Even if the said missiles misfired (a few dozen times, mind you) you are still responsible for the damage.

Take this analogy: I build a rather powerful pipe bomb, and place it in a garbage container, and set it to go off automatically after some time. I may say that I don’t wish to murder anyone, but my actions ALWAYS say more of my intentions. Thus, sending missiles into inhabited regions of Lebanon cannot excuse you. And it does not change your status, which is undeniably that of a cold-blooded murderer.

Now, to give you a taste what the Lebanese (and in fairness, Israelis) are living right now, watch this short video.


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  1. Francois Tremblay on

    Nice propaganda analysis adi. I’ll have to repost it on my blog.

  2. Static Brain on

    It was actually 4 UN observers killed. I read it in Spanish newspaper.

  3. […] My good friend Adrian Marza has a new blog called “That government is best which governs not at all”. A great little anarchist blog there. His second entry is my link of the day, “Misplaced Outrage”. Adrian discusses the loaded words used in the statist propaganda to talk about the war between “Israel” and Hezbollah, such as “collateral damage”, and the underlying premise that war killing is something different from every day murder. Posted by Francois Tremblay Filed in Links, Propaganda Items […]

  4. davidvogt on

    Your article is very informative and helped me further.

    Thanks, David

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