Re: The Statist Love And Personality Test

If you enjoyed taking that test you might also enjoy these tests and quizzes:

* The Political Spectrum Quiz – Self-explanatory; authoritarianism is on one end of the spectrum and anarchism on the other.

* The Market Anarchy Theory Test – Great all-around test of general MA concepts and knowledge but unfortunately I don’t think the answers are given at the end or rational for them. But you can email Franc and I’m sure he’ll be happy to explain any of the questions.

* Are You An Austrian? – Fantastic quiz! Given by the Mises institute, you are presented with basic economics questions and given 4 choices. The choices are answers given by a particular school of economic thought. The choices differ on how the Austrian economist, a socialist, Chicago school, and classic/Keynesian economists would answer the question. After you are finished answering all questions they send you an email with the results. Each answer to a question is explained in full detail and they provide some readings to justify the Austrian answer to the question.

I hope you enjoy taking the above tests and quizzes like I did. In the future I may post more whenever I find any.


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  1. Gabriel M. on

    I agree with David Friedman’s critique of the Austrian test: David Friedman On The Austrian Test. It’s from 3 years ago, but as far as I know it still applies.

    In summary, the test does a very poor job of representing the Chicago position, I think for two reasons.

    1. Its author doesn’t understand other people’s ideas very well.

    2. It’s author want to link Austrian economics with libertarianism to a degree that is historically unjustified.

    If I take the taste I get a very high results but I have nothing to do with the Austrian school. So your mileage may vary.

  2. Economic Investigations on

    Am I an Austrian?

    Austrian Economics is a political movement towards which I’ve been very critical lately, in different contexts, for a variety of reasons, mostly related to their unhealthy mixing of positive economic issues with political/moral/value judgements a…

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