What would you Kill for?

That’s a real question. Make up a list of criteria and tell me what you think. It doesn’t have to be a first resort, but under what criteria would you deem necessary to have someone killed. If that person refused to behave in the manner you saw fit.

This can sound like a morbid question, but we encounter it every day. We always hear about a new plan for a new social policy, a new tax, new sets of regulation. All of this creates new categories of people who receive a threat of death.

So be careful with your answer.


2 comments so far

  1. Gabriel M. on

    It depends.


  2. James Leroy Wilson on

    Like any good American, I would kill:

    – restaurant owners who allow smoking
    – somebody who watches a video of people having kinky sex
    – grandmothers who use marijuana as a painkiller for their cancer
    – foreign dudes who dares to defend his country when the USA invades
    – people who didn’t pay their fair share of taxes
    – burned the American flag
    – someone who gives a glass of water, or a job, to an undocumented brown person
    – employers who pay their employers in cash without filling pay the Social Security tax
    – people who don’t pay their speeding tickets
    – parents who don’t send their kids to public school
    – school teachers who bring a concealed gun to school, even if they can stop a student shotting spree with it
    – people who don’t follow the directions on the bottle of a cleanser
    – greedy CEO’s
    – treasonous bastards who complain that we’re losing our freedoms under Bush
    – kids who play frisbee at the city park without getting a permit first
    – network executives who lets someone slip the “s” word in a live television broadcast
    – teenage girls who get a tattoo without their parents’ consent. After all, the only thing that shouldn’t have parental consent is an abortion
    – people who post unacceptable material on the Internet
    – So many problems to fix, so many people to kill – but I’ve run out of time!

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