Does Power Corrupt?

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – Lord Acton

This has become a cliche of our age. But why not set the matter on its head?
Let’s just take politicians. What is more true: that the power they acquired has made them corrupt, or that they have been corrupt enough to seek a career in politics? Doesn’t political power, in fact, reveal the nature of the already inherent corruption, rather than create it?

Something to think about…


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  1. Aaron Kinney on

    Interesting take. You know, I always thought in my head that the only person who would be good at being a politician was the person who didnt WANT to be a politician!

  2. William Hicks on

    Power seems to intoxicate, for sometimes obvious reasons. Those who have it, seem entranced by its ability to offer certain privileges. It’s all about the expense accounts, people!

    … But really, It might help if everyone in line for a powerful political position be required to score at least 72 on a standard IQ test.

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