An Inconvenient Lie – Debunking Al Gore is letting rip on the man:

as opposed to: “OMG, dude, we’re all going to die! Quick, give us all your money and freedom!

Addendum: An entry on the BBC documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle.” Worth a watch.


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  1. peter dengel on

    There is no question that in the short term there is global warming, but as for the cause of it, Al Gore seems to conclude it’s our fault…that assumption is not scientifically based.

    • Ryan Thibault on

      not that it is our fault, that we are making the change so much more intense!

      And this guy is a psycho BTW

    • Jasmine Randel on

      This is such a boring movie. Its a stupid way to show global warming! He should make a movie about being the most boring person in the friken world…..:P

    • Miley Cyrus on

      im sooo tire of this but i think that it has a good point…<3 peace ppl

  2. Aaron Kinney on

    I promise you that I will solve all of my problems if you give me your freedom and your money.

    Wait, did I say MY problems? I meant YOURS! Yea, thats the ticket!

    I will relieve you of the burden of making your own decisions. You cant trust yourself, but you can trust me 😉

  3. Roy Wilson on

    Could you imagine the “smoke and mirrors” game this baffoon would be playing if he had been president?

  4. kk on


  5. Al Gore on

    Notice that this is CEI, a right-wing think-tank that is trying to attack Al Gore for political reasons. And YES, the scientific consensus IS that global warming is accelerated by man-made CO2 emissions. And the “smoke and mirrors game”? He would have been the best President ever. This collection of videos is total B.S.

    • Wtf dumbass? on

      Go check the facts before you say something you dumbfuck. Recent warming happened mostly before post-war economic boom, during this boom in the 1940’s, where cars were being mass produced and widely used and lots of pollution was happening, temperatures went down for four decades. Scientists have found more correlations between solar activity and temperature than C02. You just need to fuck off and search it up. Watch the Great Global Warming Swindle and you’ll believe.

  6. Ed on

    Science is not about concensus… its about fact, and truth without political motivation.

    Models, based on faulty numbers (since corrected.. quietly..) is not fact.. nor is it truth. A computer model can be fed anything, to get any result you wish. That is not science.

    Al Gore himself is pushing this agenda for political reasons. He himself is a hypocrite who does not “live” the lifestyle he puports to want us to live.

    Wake up… the vostok core samples show the exact opposite correlation of co2 & temp… the “hockey stick” has been proven completely false (and NASA has since corrected their earlier mistakes in temp records… strangely quiet in the media though..).

    the earth warms.. the earth cools… it did it for millions of years before us.. it’ll do it for millions of years after we are gone. Good news though.. they’ll finally be making great wine in the UK again! You know.. like they did centuries ago.. when it was warmer then than it is NOW??!! (must be all those roman cow farts…)

  7. chester on

    wow its funny how all the republican media outlets cant debunk al gores book/movie but you under ground blogger can, hhmm lack of evidence much?

  8. Jacob on

    I just want to say I am disgusted with every other person I meet taking every single word Al Gore says as scientific fact. They don’t do the research for themselves to see what the scientists say. What happened to America? We were once the land of great thinkers and individualists who question authority. Everyone loves to question the authority of President Bush, please libs, be consistent! Question Al Gore as well! What do the scientists say. And while I’m at it – be consistent in this way: if you are Anti-death penalty and want to save the lives of rapists and murderers that would rape you and slit your throat given the chance – PLEASE be pro-life for completely innocent babies in the womb that have done no wrong to anyone. Think about it.

  9. Callum Brown on

    whether or not you choose to believe the message of Al Gore’s an inconvenient truth. No one can deny that the groundswell to think both ethically and environmentally about the way in which we do business, produce goods and services, the need to find better cleaner ways of doing things without the same destructive and pollutive processes that have existed until today….can only be a good thing.
    So whether you believe Al Gore or not realise the underlying message in an Inconvenient Truth

  10. Cynthia on

    oh please al gore is so stupid. i mean it isn’t called American warming is it? and how come everything has to be our fault? i mean china and India are passing us drastically in industrials so they are actually producing more c02.

  11. Kevin Collins on


  12. Ritesh on

    I did read the National Geographic note on global warming being linked to water vapor. Kevin, I think you have not understood what is said there. It clearly says that green house gases are resulting in increased temperatures which is resulting in increased water vapor leading to higher temperatures. Here is a quote from National Geographic “It is the increased greenhouse gases and the strong water vapor impact,” Philipona said.” It clearly says it is the greenhouse gases caused by our life style.

    • owen ruzvidzo on

      i dnt rily lyk yo music and pesonally ithink that its just some noise any sing sumthing thats a bit gangtsta you knw

  13. Tess Tickles on

    Did Al mention the place where he “Buys Carbon Off-sets” is a company he co-owns and chairs? He’s not really buying “carbon off-sets”, he’s buying stock in his own company. The entire hoax of man-made global warming is all about making Al and his homies richer than the Vatican!

  14. Matt on

    Where did Al Gore get $35 million to start/invest/create his new Green Hedge Fund?

  15. Mike on

    It would be absolutely terrible if Al Gore were considered seriously by the government. We would do all we can to reduce carbon footprints (which, by the way, CO2 has no harmful effects on the environment… hell, we breath it out) at the expense of dangerous toxins and chemicals, all to stop a natural cycle in vain!

    Maybe we should all stop breathing. We’d all die, but hey there’d be less CO2.

    • Judeman on

      Go to Mars then, I’m sure you could breathe all de CO2 you want better there

  16. Undefined on

    Anyone who really believes this “expert” is a complete idiot. You’re pitting the smarter people in the world to some internet blogger. There’s a good chance the only reason this was put up was to draw attention and site hits (That makes money, you know!). Someone said that India and China are producing more CO2 than America. That might be right, but the problem with that is it’s OUR factories in India and China. The thing with us breathing out CO2 – The environment compensates for the little CO2 we produce. Trees use carbon dioxide, for those of you that don’t know what photosynthesis is. The problem is all of the gases from factories, powerplants, and such, is that the environment is already compensating for us. (That’s why CO2 levels have historically gone up in the winter, because trees and other green plants aren’t doing a whole lot of photosynthesis without sunlight). Recently it’s gotten more extreme, as Al Gore portrays. Don’t even try saying that he’s lying about that, because it’s scientific common sense. More countries have become industrialized in the past few years; and none have reverted to “third-world” countries. Seriously, who would listen to an idiot like that guy? My high school science teachers were all smarter than him.

  17. K Saxton on

    Al Gore is a complete liar anybody who would believe this liar needs his her head examined!! Global Warming is a hoax and this idiot Gore wants YOU to feel guilty. Do not give in! We are in a cooling mode now wake the hell up!!!

  18. […] a problem. You see, he’s got a big-ass mansion paid for by idiots who bought into his whole global-warming shtick. That mansion has lots and lots of lights – and they have a tendency to use […]

  19. lightf00t on

    Al Gore is the spawn of Satan. Don’t believe the lies propagated by the Lord of the Flies!

  20. Nick on

    Come on people, look at the simple facts!

    Of all people researching global warming, Al Gore is the one making a movie about it. Al Gore is a politician. Suspicious, is it not?

    Also, the movie DOES contain false arguments. Al Gore has been playing with statistics, which is the most dangerous thing to do if you are looking for anything like a TRUTH (ask your math teacher if you don’t believe me…)

    So, a politician is playing with scientiftic lies, and he is trying to become president because of the outcome of them. Hello? Wake up America!

    p.s. please, forgive me my bad grammar. I am a dutch student.

  21. […] or those who are simply too lazy to do any real research into the hoax of man-made global warming and its financial […]

  22. Uhhh on

    Even if any of these videos is true does not mean the whole movie is incorrect. Can Mr Know-it-all here give us reasons to reject all of Al Gore’s statements? I don’t think so. Why are people so intent on believing that there isn’t a problem when there obviously a huge problem? We need to be aware of it, not deny that it even exists.

  23. mike on

    ha ha ha ha ha. I love extremists as they are always proven wrong. The “climatologists” have been proven to be the worst of the worst criminals, liars and scum.

  24. Eli on

    Well, with or without evidence, if you truly believe that human life has no impact on the environment, you are clearly not a rational thinker. Global warming merely means more severe climate change, which is going to happen, it’s part of the earth’s life cycle. However, determining whether the CO2 levels are enhanced by human life, and whether or not they are contributing to global warming, there is clearly a lack of scientific evidence. In any case humans produce heat, plain and simple, energy is heat, and the more interactions humans make with the environment, the hotter it is going to get over time, and that’s rationally a simple fact.

  25. Tyciol on

    Whatever the cause of global cooling/warming/whatever is, I just want us to find a way to manage temperature so that we can be healthy and comfortable. I don’t particularly care if we’re the cause, we should be the cause of solutions.

    Since we’re living longer, we grow more vulnerable to extremes of temperature in either direction as with other forms of stress. Since I want to live long, I think we should take care of the elderly beginning today.

  26. owen ruzvidzo on

    you ppl are full of yourselves i ges you bloody americans shld solve the problem that you have created the onus is on you

  27. owen ruzvidzo on

    i thin that global warming is really a cause for concern and it think that to solve such a crisis we need a concerted effort.

  28. Aparna on

    something for the guys who rant ‘Global warming ain’t true” B.S.

    If even Attenborough cannot convince u ppl. U have chosen to live a life in denial.

    Evolution was/is still ridiculed by church.. but din a official apology was given to Darvin?

    The idea of global warming is too much to digest for our little span of life.. But the fact is evident. Earth is reeling under higher temperatures, creatures like Puffin are at the losing end of our denial.

    Wake up.. no body wants to live in smelly polluted places. There are cleaner options.

  29. roh on

    This debunks the myth of antropogenic global warming. One day all these fraudsters should be put on trial and recieve death for gulling the public.

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