EU Flag Competition – Make a new EU Flag

I thought of celebrating the New Year with a kind of contest (in anticipation of the EU enlargement). Because, as you possibly know, the current one does not quite represent the ideals of this construction.

So without further ado, I present some entries of mine:

Update: A new entry:


If you have some particularly impressive ideas, I’ll throw in a $10 gift certificate for your effort.

The offer will last up to one month after this post.

Good luck!


10 comments so far

  1. Aaron Kinney on

    BWAAHHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!! That was killer! I especially love the sickle and hammer one.

    I wish I could use photo shop worth a damn, and I wish that you didnt already come up with the good ones. Oh well. ­čśë

  2. david on

    I also made one flag for the Anarchist Union
    You can check it here:

  3. omerbutt on

    the reality of eu flag.

  4. […] (EUSSR flag lifted from blog). […]

  5. John on

    Wow, now that’s something… ever thought of what you would be without the EU ? I’ll tell you: a bunch of hopeless people, probably already fighting WW IV for some weird ideas instead of living in a peaceful, economically stable Europe.
    I fully agree that it has some minor defaults, mainly due to burocratic complications.
    But comparing the EU with fascism, nazism – everything we stand against for – can only be considered as the most complete stupidity, worth only compassion.

  6. adi11235 on

    Political centralization is not a source of peace, quite the contrary. It creates states powerful enough to control their citizens to the degree that civil liberties become obsolete (from the POV of the stability of governance). There are smaller, weaker states that nonetheless control their citizens “better”, but only here has there been a tradition and a culture of liberty. Slowly, that is being eroded, which is worrying.

    The EU was said to be an economic and free trade union. It has grown into a proto-superstate dedicated to welfare and all-round socialism. It was never about free trade, rather about managed, special-interest commerce.

    A free society allows its members to do whatever they may have in mind, so long they don’t harm other people or their right to do the same. A state control society is one where we have to ask permission; with every interaction to be vetted by a political authority. This is the kind of society the EU is growing into and it is fascistic in nature.

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  8. Wilhelm on

    In the US, by contrast, dissidents bent on “dissing” President Baraack Obama’s policies and administration display pictres of the man himself with a “Hitler” moustache or a swastika (Hakenkreuz) on his face. Much less civilized than a parody of the flag as a symbol of the nation gone bad, or the international organization taking the wrong poitical path.

    Just a quick design comment: the parody of the EU flag as Nazi flag — obviously avoiding the red field so as not to run afoul of Gernam law — might be more effective with a white Hakenkreuz on the contiunous blue background: the white and gold is confusing.

    Vlad Nasca made a nice one with the EU flag exactly the same, EXCEPT for a red field instead of blue — very effective. However, so is your design with little hammer-&-sickles in place of the stars on the EU flag.

    A flag can be a very effective way to express a comment: easy to understand at a glance, using basic unsophisticated but powerful symbolism. Not unlike a good political cartoon, a flag cuts through all the verbage and makes your point instantly. But, of course, it must be done correctly by an artist who understands the simple and straightforward vocabulary of flags.

  9. Razvan on

    Romanian EU Flag!

  10. kim rasmussen on

    hi there,
    i really like the first “eu”flag with hammer and sichle instead of stars. does anyone have an idea, where this flag could be bought as a sticker for cars?

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