We are at war with Eurasia, we have always been at war with Eurasia

Michael Rozeff writes about the next great state racket: terrorism.

There is every reason to conclude that the war on terrorism does not aim to eliminate terrorism. That is a pretext. What are these reasons?

(1) Terrorism can’t be eliminated.

(2) Terrorism is not a large problem.

(3) The costs of fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are huge, at least one trillion dollars, compared to the costs imposed by terrorism.

(4) The U.S. has caused more terrorism by starting two wars.

(5) The U.S. has made no effort against terrorism in many parts of the globe.

(6) The U.S. has made no significant effort to reduce its own political, military, and economic presence in foreign countries that entangles the U.S. in local power struggles.

(7) Worldwide terrorism has risen since the U.S. began the war on terrorism.

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  1. Greg Jerome on

    That makes a great point in so few words. #1 makes so much sense. The government often even shortens this to a “War on Terror.” Talk about a war you can never win; how could you ever eliminate terror? It seems we must always be at war, always give up our civil liberties, and always spend billions of dollars on the military.

  2. 2020 on

    8. The U.S. supports caliphate movement hostile to Russia and China Hizb- ut Tahrir in Central Asia and therefore was kicked out of Uzbekistan.

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