Who do we blame today?

I give you the leftie complaint guide, courtesy of rmsharpe over at the CFC forum:

EVENT ———————- BLAME

Blizzards —————— ExxonMobil
Cold weather ————— Rush Limbaugh
Drought ——————– Microsoft
Fog ———————— Pfizer
Hail ———————– IBM
High humidity ————– FOX News Channel
Hot wealther ————— Philip Morris
Hurricanes —————– Karl Rove
Ice ———————— Monsanto
Rain ———————– Bush administration
Snow ———————– Wal-Mart
Thunderstorms ————– CEOs
Tornados ——————- McDonald’s
Wind ———————– General Dynamics



2 comments so far

  1. rmsharpe on

    I think it’s brilliant.

  2. breakerslion on

    1. I just knew McDonald’s was responsible for the disaster in Florida! They should sue! This has to be worth a lot more than a hot cup of coffee in the cootch!

    2. But, who do we blame tomorrow? The suspense is killing me!

    3. There are children reading this blog you know! We have to protect them from truths like these that they are not ready to understand! Won’t somebody think of the children!

    Ok, I’m out.

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