Why I Detest Donkeys & Elephants

Howdy folks. I decided to display more tallented writings from my friend Ken here. Anytime I post somebody’s article it is from either a message board, personal correspondance, website article, or other. Today we are going to talk about the groups informally known as elephants and donkeys and formally as the two gangs comprised of lawyers, con-artists, and thugs competing with one another to operate a protection racket, as well as other wannabe rulers *cough* minarchists *cough*.  Enjoy and leave a comment.

Without digressing on numerous little issues, I’ll instead get right to the point and strike at the root of what I think the problem is with the political system.

Case in point: The asinine, never-ending power struggle between the Democrats and Republicans, be they of the conservative or liberal variety.

If these factions ever tried to actually reach a middle ground on hot issues and truly looked out for everyone’s best interests, the system as we know it would collapse.

Yes, you heard right. It would COLLAPSE.

Now that’s a pretty strong statement to make, so it behooves me (no pun intended) to, at the very least, present a logical explanation for why I think that.

I’ll tell you why I make such a bold statement.

Here, we have two professional teams in the game of politics, but like a bad football game that almost never seems to go beyond the 30-yard line with touchdowns that ring hollow when they finally do occur, there’s very little in the way of real progress.

Was it not Samuel Clemens who said: “Suppose you were an idiot and suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.”

And then of course there’s everyone’s favorite dark horse team, the Libertarians… You’re not exempt from my criticism either.

Your “spiritual forefathers” had it all wrong. Did you hear me? They screwed up.

It never ceases to amaze me how nobody learned a darn thing from the Revolutionary War.

If anything, it should have taught the colonists that no matter how much you try to control the State (let’s recall the Magna Carta, folks), it will always break free from its chains and misbehave, and to add insult to injury, try to justify its mischief.

Why is it that the colonists took one form of abuse, being ruled by a monarch through absolute fiat, and replaced it with another? Why did they choose to instead be ruled by an entity with that same amount of power that was just begging to be abused, consisting of people they chose? How is it that consenting to that abuse (and summarily subjecting everyone to said abuse) justifies it? This perplexes me to no end.

I don’t want to hear so much as a squeak about that yellowing parchment known as “The Constitution,” either. If British monarchs ignored the Magna Carta, why is it any surprise that the “United States Government” ignores the constitution?

Might I also suggest reading “No Treason – The Constitution of No Authority” by Lysander Spooner? It may actually shed doubt upon the common belief that the constitution is a “sacred” document and make you a heretic in the eyes of the religion of patriotism.

But I digress…

Democrats and Republicans have no incentive to iron out compromises and make decisions that are fair and just and take everyone’s rights into account. The political system thrives on bifurcation and partisanism. Instead of elected officials looking out for everyone’s best interests, it instead degenerates into a game of seeing who can disenfranchise the opposing party the fastest and the worst.

And frankly, why should they? We were foolish enough to believe that these god-complex megalomaniacs were actually going to behave once we delegated our decision-making to them. What I find so disgusting is how people continue to trust the “benevolence” of these carnies.

Both parties thrive on conflict because it draws attention away from the real problem at hand: Namely, the world’s largest organized crime syndicate playing everyone for fools and extorting them. Remember my little metaphor of the football game? Well, these are the people who are sitting high up in the stadium office counting their profits which they fleeced off of you.

You are of little consequence to these masterminds. To them, you are nothing more than a means to an end to further their agendas. However, they’ll gladly whip you up into a frenzy with their propaganda and knee-jerk emotionalism to keep you from ever realizing that you’re just a tool.

I stopped playing the game a long time ago because I came to the realization there was no way to win it, and its only purpose was to pull my attention away from the “man behind the curtain,” so to speak.

I came to the realization that if I did not respect and uphold the rights of “queers,” “hippies,” “liberals,” and any other commonly stigmatized groups of people, why on earth should they respect mine? Freedom doesn’t choose favorites. It goes both ways and needs to be reciprocated lest we set precedents which come back to haunt us and make hypocrites of us all.

Until you realize this, you’ll forever be trapped in this “game.”

Politics are a big business, and it is through this “game” that profits are made. That is why if both sides suddenly set aside their differences and worked together to reach common goals, the system as we know it would cease to exist because that business would no longer make money.

That is why I make such a bold statement.

On a final note, it would be hard for these politicians to keep their “jobs” if the people who “hired” them in the first place had the ability to FIRE them the very minute they start misbehaving, and I’m not talking about voting them out of office either. I’m talking about kicking the bums out, dragging ’em out into the street, and tarring and feathering them.

How quickly we forget that more than 200 years ago, this was a nation of “cop killers” and “anarchists” and that people died for far lesser ideals…


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    Excellent read.

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