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Market Anarchy #2 Call For Submissions

It is time to submit your articles for the next Market Anarchy blog carnival!

All Market Anarchist blogs are invited to participate. Every 29th of the month, a designated blog (see schedule at the end of this post) will host a carnival where all the posts you submitted during the month will be linked to and commented on. So don’t forget to send your submissions every month, and to link to the carnival edition when it comes out! Click below to submit your entry.

Here are some guidlines you need to follow in order to make a valid submission: 

1. New Carnival edition once a month, on the 29th of the month.
2. One post per person per edition.
3. All posts must be related to MA (or agorism, or individualist anarchism) in some conceptual way. Narratives (fictional or not) are fine. Please no posts about how we must make government smaller, how the Constitution is great, who we should vote for, or how this or that specific law should be repealed. All entries by anarcho-leftists or paleo-conservatives will be laughed at, and may be posted for the purpose of public ridicule. Primitivist, Georgist and mutualist entries will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.
4. All MA or related blogs are invited to host their own editions. Blogs which desire to host an edition of the Carnival must submit their demand at least one month before said edition.
5. All submittors are invited to link to the Carnival edition they submitted to, in order to keep the Carnival going.
6. Hosts of the carnival may exclude entries from their edition for reasons of irrelevancy or low quality.

Do you wish to be showered in recognition, love, and hits? Post in the comments to reserve a future date, and include your blog name, name, and email:

March 29th : Check Your Premises (first edition)

April 29th: There Is No Government Like No Government (2nd edition)

May 29h: Hellbound Alleee (3rd edition)

June 29th: …No Third Solution (4th edition)

July 29th: The Freedom To Say 2 + 2 Is 4 (5th edition)

August 29th: No Third Solution (6th edition)

There you have it. The stage is set, so get started with those articles and submit them to me and I will see you on the 29th!


Market Anarchist Blog Carnival #1 Is Out

Head on over to Check Your Premises for the very first issue of the Market Anarchist. Stay tuned as Adi and I will be hosting the next carnival.

The Surveilance Society


A potentially interesting movie to watch, if you get your hands on it – The Lives of Others

A review:

The Lives of Others is a deep condemnation of socialism in all its forms. The usual grounds for rejecting socialism are economic: state control of the economy cripples it, and generates poverty rather than prosperity. The Lives of Others suggests a different reason for believing that it is not (as apologists for socialism frequently maintain) just an accident or a conspiracy of capitalist states that explains why “real existing socialism” always ends up so drab, dismal and depressing. It is rather an inevitable consequence of the way power in a socialist society is organised.

Scooped off the FDR forum.

Three Disproofs Of Authority

Three Disproofs of Authority

When discussing politics with non-anarchists, the subject of authority often comes up as an objection to accepting any ideas of liberty. Indeed, authority is that pesky stumbling block that we must overcome if ideas of liberty and freedom are to be successfully communicated and understood. Consider the following statements that often come up when discussing authority:

    We need to have authority otherwise there’d be chaos; thus we need a group that has authority.
    Authority is limited to those things the people allow through their consent.
    It allows people in government to set moral rules for society; otherwise there would be chaos!!!Whenever people vote they give authority to politicians to make certain decisions that we can’t do.

    And so on…

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Atheism: Explained

Hats to Niels for the tip.

Everybody’s Free

Introducing The Market Anarchist Blog Carnival #1


Do you have a blog that is related to market anarchy? Do you like reading blog carnivals? Then we’ve got a cool deal for you! Introducing the very first The Market Anarchist Blog Carnival that will be hosted by Francois Tremblay at Check Your Premises. Not sure if my co-host is up for this, but I will be throwing my hat in the ring for this inaugural carnival.

What to do? Click on the link above (or the picture above) and after reading the rules just write an article before the 29th of this month and then click on the submission link located on the carnival intro page and that’s it! Be sure you also make a post advertising who is hosting this carnival so others interested can submit if they wish.

If you have any questions leave comments on Tremblay’s post above or this post and we’ll be happy to answer them.

Thanks and see you at the carnival!