Atheism: Explained

Hats to Niels for the tip.


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  1. Dante123 on

    The trinity is a implied and necessary Christian doctrine for soteriological reasons. Your diatribe displays your simplistic hatred for Christianity and that is about all. Any Christian who think he or she can explain the trinity in a rationalistic and logical way is crazy and I would agree that they would be fools to do so. What you are doing here is creating a parody of such Christians- but not dealing fairly with the real topic of trinitarianism. Where is this deep animosity to Christianity coming from? Were you forced as a youngster to go to Sunday School? Have all of the Christians you met been idiots like the caricature you create?

    One thing I have seen before- sometimes God calls those who are the most zealous againt Him to join the team. Maybe He’s working on you and you just keep “kicking against the pricks”.

  2. Marcus Vibius Hortulanus on

    This whole ‘trinity’ concept is purely Christian. The Jews don’t recognize the ‘holy spirit’ as being a distinct person, but merely a projection of God.
    Since Jesus and God are considered to be equal, there could have been the danger for being perceived as to opposite persons. So, that’s why the Christians had to come up with some other god, called ‘the holy spirit’, in order to re-establish the balance.
    Trinity sucks.
    I actually see Christians as being polytheists.

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