Slogans for a better tomorrow

Zhwazi gives  us his take on Orwell’s proclamations:


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  1. Gabriel M. on

    What’s wrong with zionism?

  2. Adina Pop on

    war is peace… i sincerelly doubt that… i think nowadays war ensures peace.. with guns…

  3. adi11235 on

    “What’s wrong with zionism?”

    The author hinted at the idea that arming Israel does not further the cause of peace; or that it gives them less reason to pursue it.

    I tend to agree, as Israel already has nuclear weapons, and such it’s safe as a state.

    Although I could chose another slogan…

  4. adi11235 on

    “Preemptive war is peace”

  5. radu florian on

    Zionism is wrong because it is a bourgeois, nationalist and imperialist ideology!

  6. Laura on

    What’s gun control in there for? Japan and England have banned guns, and imho they’re doing much better staying out of the interventionism and nationalism creepy shit than the U.S. – while the U.S. merrily keeps guns in its family kitchen cabinet. Kind of contradictory.

  7. adi11235 on

    “Guns kill people, not people”

  8. NickR on

    “What’s gun control in there for?”

    Take a look at Switzerland, the culture is based around gun ownership and they have one of the lowest murder per capita rates in all the first world. And I might add – the majority of which are not committed with those firearms.

  9. Tiyco on

    “Guns don’t kill people, rappers do”

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