Question for the global warmingers

Is there an unusual weather phenomenon that does not confirm global warming?


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  1. Thunderbird on

    I’m a total global-warminger. But nah, not every odd temperature or storm is from GW. Weather is ridiculously complicated.

    But: some deeper trends are true. Increasing CO2 levels go hand-in-hand with growing temps (see the IPCC report; 100% correlation over hundreds of millenia). Higher water temps do create the CAPACITY for stronger hurricanes. Can we count how many? No.

    It’s tough to predict what’ll happen, but important to remember how dependent we are on things as they are now: we get water from snowmelt or rainfall, eat fish that live on plankton, eat and feed livestock with crops that depend on rain. All these things are tied to temperature, and small changes can dislocate parts of food and water supply.

  2. Adi on

    Thanks for that.

    Although, the pervalent media image is that whenever something strange happens to the weather, it’s global warming (and man’s greed 🙂 )

    I may be misrepresenting this, but it seems the media is getting a free pass from criticism.

  3. Thunderbird on

    Yeah, the press don’t know jack. Greens get portrayed as fearmongers who claim every hiccup is a sign of how the world doesn’t listen to them. Okay, some do that, but the serious ones don’t.

    As far as man’s greed, I make the argument that going green is a hidden economic treasure trove — efficiency and cleaner energy have the potential to reduce costs of operation for homes and businesses. The market will benefit but a few companies will suffer, like wagon-wheel manufacturers did when cars came around.

  4. adi11235 on

    As for the greed & going green, I don’t know if you have the time, but you can listen to this podcast:

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