Dear soldiers, I don’t support you

This article is addressed to people who “support the troops” and hate me for my anti-troops, anti-war positions.



My name is Francois Tremblay, and I am a Market Anarchist. I am against the war in Iraq. I am against all troops everywhere, and that includes “your troops.” If you are a soldier or plan to become one, then I despise and loathe you.

Here is why.

I do not believe that wearing a uniform with a flag patch on it turns a trained murderer into a saint, or even a moderately moral person. I believe that anyone, such as yourself, who supports murderers is a lunatic, who deserves to be treated with the same contempt than anyone who supports Timothy McVeigh, Dylan Klebold or Valery Fabrikant.

Is this offensive to you? I don’t doubt it. Many warmongers have similar thoughts about me. I understand why they feel the way they do. But now you understand why I feel the way I do.

I believe, as most reasonable people now do, that the recent wars waged by the US military were propped up by campaigns of lies and distortions, to serve the interests of the ruling class and its plutocracy. I do not believe they were initiated in the name of any principle of freedom.

I do not believe that killing innocent mothers and children helps “my freedom.” I believe that many Iraqi people hate “your troops” because they have killed their father, mother, sister or husband. I believe they are justified in killing “your troops.” You would not think ONE SECOND against doing the same if the situation was reversed and your loved ones were exterminated by an army of Arabs. You are a hypocrite, and I hate the ignorance that you represent.

Never, ever say that they are killing for me or in my name. I NEVER asked anyone to kill anyone else. You know what that’s called? Contract killing. In most civilized societies, you can be accused of homicide if you contract someone to kill someone else. If you pay taxes willingly and vote for a government that orders murders in foreign “countries,” you make yourself GUILTY of murder, and the blood of more than 70,000 civilians is equally on YOUR hands.

I do not believe that my freedom necessitates anyone killing anyone else in order to exist and flourish. As often as you talk about “freedom,” you have absolutely no idea what that word means, or how freedom is maintained. I believe that each individual is free if he is left alone and allowed to cooperate with others as he desires. Indeed, that is why I am a Market Anarchist: because I believe that no one should be coerced into living the way other people want him to live, or be forced to support things he finds downright immoral.

I believe that what YOU preach for is the exact opposite of freedom: a crushing police state, the elimination of dissent, war and mass murder. What YOU preach is that the individual must be shackled to the needs for flesh and blood money of the American Empire, not freedom. What YOU preach is that money must be extorted from everyone in order to finance wars many of them find grossly immoral. Freedom and strong government is a contradiction in terms.

I do not believe that “they’re just doing what they’re ordered to” is an adequate rationalization for surrendering one’s moral responsibility to a group of thugs. It did not justify what the Nazi SS officers did, it did not justify what the Soviet gulag administrators did, and it does not justify what “the troops” do. I believe that if you WILLINGLY SURRENDER your moral autonomy and your moral compass to someone else, as you do when you join a cult-like organization like the Army (using brainwashing techniques, based on dissociation from friends/family and slavish obedience, believing themselves to attain a superior state of being), then you are responsible for every single order you obey. I believe that every single death at the hands of US forces is a murder committed by a criminal.

I am not a hypocrite, because I acknowledge that the same goes for all deaths at the hands of Iraqi “insurgents.” They are murderers too, although I believe their cause is more just than yours. No warmonger has ever been able to explain to me how they are any different from the American Revolutionaries, who were also fanatic “insurgents” fighting against a brutal foreign government for independence and religious dominion. If you indict the Iraqi “insurgents,” then you also indict the very foundation of your political ideology.

I do not believe that any war is justified. I do not believe the American Civil War was justified, or that the War of Northern Aggression was justified, or that World War 2 was justified. I may believe that the cause of one of the parties was more just than the other, but that does not mean I support organized murder.

Note that I do believe in self-defense. I recognize the right of every individual to defend his life. However, I do not recognize the right of people representing States and armies to attack others because they wear an opposing uniform, or because they live in the wrong place at the wrong time. For example, I do not recognize the nuclear bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki as anything but naked genocide.

I am not a pacifist, as I do not find a need to “believe in peace.” I simply believe that killing other people without rational motive (such as self-defense, or stopping a violent crime) is immoral and must be condemned. Since you also believe this (unless you are clinically insane), you are as much of a “pacifist” as I am, but unlike me you are also a disgusting hypocrite.

I do not believe that American Imperialism is justified, and I believe it is making the world LESS SAFE. I believe the US military and the political power of the US government to drag the leaders of other armies into its imperialist crusades are a threat to the people of the world, ESPECIALLY Americans and their freedoms. I believe that in any government program, murderous or not, the first and last victims are always the subjects of that government, and war is no different. In war, the first casualty is the truth: the second is civil liberties. As Joseph Sobran once wrote, “[w]ar is just another government program.”

I believe that anyone who preaches war and State power is anti-American in the most meaningful sense. Even though I was not born in the “correct” arbitrarily delimited piece of land, I consider myself more American than any warmonger will ever be. America was not born of “united states” or any State at all: it was born of people who saw injustice and wanted to be free. Powerful exploiters took that success and turned it into a virtually unlimited government, a mere twenty years afterwards. That is perhaps the greatest tragedy of modern times.

I am proud of the people in this society who preach and live freedom, as few of them are there are left. I spit in the face of those who preach against freedom and live like thralls.

Do I have any hope of convincing you of all this? Not really, no… at least, not any more than you do of convincing me that supporting organized murder is a good thing and that the government is our friend. But at least now you know what I believe in.

by Francois Tremblay

He’s five foot-two, and he’s six feet-four, …


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  1. Manuel Lora on


  2. olly on

    Absolutely wonderful Francois,


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  4. Tim Swanson on

    While your justification/reasons for your positions are not necessarily the same as mine, I too am hesitant to support any members of the “occupying” military at this point.

    It’s not like they’re picking on anyone their own size, let alone winning the “hearts and minds” of the locals.

    Would not residents of the US fight back against occupation troops regardless of nationality if they barrackaded the streets and regulated commerce?

  5. SSG Sodenkamp on

    anarchist Definition
    an•ar•chist (an′ər kist′, -är′kist)
    1. a person who believes in or advocates anarchism
    2. a person who promotes anarchy, as by flouting or ignoring rules, duties, or accepted standards of conduct.

    How do you call yourself more of an American than I, when you loathe the very people that give you the freedom in which you have? You walk down the street fearless, non-understanding of the dangers that Soldiers like myself are in everyday. Since the beginning of time there has been war, so in my eyes what does that make war? Pause for dramatic effect…………. INEVITABLE.

    I to believe that a soldier that wears the patch of the country he or she supports is not a saint. It’s just someone trying to get some extra money for school or just as simple as serving a country that was good to them. And who supports Timothy McVeigh, Dylan Klebold or Valery Fabrikant come on?

    Your right this is very offensive to me, and I truly believe that you don’t understand how I feel and I don’t understand why you feel the way you do. (Maybe it’s because you’re not qualified to be in the Army) I don’t know.

    Many people have there opinions as to why this war has been waged, oil is a big one. You say you do not believe that war was initiated in the name of any principle of freedom. Just to name a few the very key you strike to write this Blog derives from oil, the souls on your shoes you wear on your feet derives from oil the car you drive to work is powered by oil with that being said I think all the freedoms you take advantage of is a principle in the American way of life and the American way of life is the very reason I support my country as an America Soldier.

    Killing innocent mothers and children doesn’t help freedom but like I said war is inevitable and unfortunately innocent people do die. How many times have you been to Iraq? Have you spoken to many Iraqi’s? If so you would find that about 80% of Iraqi’s love the U.S. being in Iraq. Why you ask, well for starters we employ them in building facilities that the U.S. needs during this transformation. The money that is given to the Iraqi’s that build the facilities goes back into there economy not to mention that we took a real warmonger. O yeah you said that the “recent wars waged by the US Military” come on guy you know that war can not be waged by the US MILITARY some General in the military doesn’t say “hey let go to war” . The US Military is a tool of the United States Government.

    In the next paragraph you write “If you pay taxes willingly and vote for a government that orders murder in foreign countries, you make yourself guilty of murder. And blood of more than 700,000 civilians is equally on your hands. If you pay taxes but not willingly wouldn’t that still make you an accessory and I don’t mean a piece of clothing that is worn or carried, but not part of your main clothing. O yeah and I sure you don’t wait for your taxes at the end of the fiscal year do you Mr. Tremblay?

    If you believe that each individual is free if he or she is left alone and allowed to cooperate with others as he or she desires. All tell you what go find a place to hide when that happens because Mr. Tremblay not everyone believes the same why you do. That is why we need Police and Armies to maintain them. And no one forces you to support things you find downright immoral, no one said you have to live in America. With your hypocritical thoughts why don’t you come up with a make believe place and go live in it. And leave the real men and women to fight for what’s right in reality.

    If an American soldier captures an insurgent that insurgent is treated as well as a U.S. Soldier. If an American Soldier is captured by an insurgent how do you think we are treated? At least that captured insurgent get a chance to see there family again and I don’t mean in a pine box with there head separated from there bodies. And by the way most of the insurgent are not Iraqi, they are insurgents from other countries that don’t want to see Iraqi’s liberated.

    You say that you believe in self-defense, what happens when you can’t defend yourself? Wouldn’t you want help from someone that may have a moral obligation to help you? And in doing so that person that had a moral obligation to help you ended the life of the person trying to end yours, would that justify ending someone life if they was trying to end yours.

    Mr. Tremblay, I’m not trying to convince you that supporting organized murder as you call it is the right thing to do. And its good that you strongly believe in something but if your going to complain about something you should come up with an idea to fix the problem and not by insulting people.

  6. Alexander on

    I am not arguing against your beliefs, believe what you want. I am not a soldier either, but am considering joining the army.

    I believe the war in Iraq is unjustified, I’m sure many of the troops over there also believe the war is unjustified, this can be seen through the huge dropout rate of returned serviceman out of the US military and the numerous cases of PTSD of returned serviceman, to which a few cases have resulted in suicide. But I believe that the war in Afghanistan is justified.

    I think that if you say that every single soldier is a homicidal maniac because they joined the army, you are absoltuley delusional and just as thick headed as the world leaders who sent these men and women to Iraq.

    The insurgents in Iraq, I believe have every right to fight the troops that are there occupying their homeland, but the troops who serve in Afghanistan, who fight an enemy (Al Qaeda and their Taliban allies) who have claimed responsibility for an attacks on US soil and the ‘western’ world, are definitley not homicidal maniacs, just as you state every single soldier to be.

    Alot of soldiers join the armed forces join because they think it is the right thing to do. They go overseas not to necessary kill people, they go there to defend the people they love, because believe it or not Francois, no soldier over there cares about you, they may have enlisted because they care to protect their loved ones, their family, not you.

    Also to compare every single coalition trooper in the armed forces you are so against, to Nazi SS extermination officers and the Stalinist Gulag camp officers is very unfair. Being Ukrainian, almost all of my relatives in Ukraine were sent to the Gulag camps of Soviet Russia. I was never told about the conditions there by my grandparents or their brothers ans sisters (who were soldiers in the Ukrainian division in WW2 who fought for the liberation of Ukraine), but they most definitley did not think that the soldiers they fought on the ground were murderous pigs that the Soviet rulers and Gulag camp officers were.

    In conclusion, although you do raise some good points about the fact the conflict in Iraq is unjustified, I believe that if you call every soldier in the world a homicidal maniac you are a fool. For if your so called ‘maniac soldiers’ were not fighting for the saftey of their families in Afghanistan against extremists who go out of their way to cause havoc in the world, there would be alot more 9/11 situations, as there would be no war to occupy their time. Also remember, Francois, the Northern Alliance and the Kurdish people, or Northern Afghanistan and Iraq also fight alongside coalition troops.

    If you do not seriously reconsider youre thinking and have some sort of moderation and understanding of both sides of the story, you will continue to be stupid, and you will die that way.

    Be angry at the leaders who for their own prosperity and ‘honour’, know what they’re doing is wrong, not the soldiers whose intentions are more often than not to protect the ones they love(d) most.

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