The Power Of Nightmares (documentary)

Adam Curtis created an interesting documentary back in 2004 looking into the new changes in political discourse. If in the past a politician would promise better lives and livelyhoods, today’s public, disillusionised by the ever-failing promises, need new motivations to support politicians. This motivation comes from fear, “a politician is there to protect us from nightmares, and those with the greatest nightmares seem to win.”

Curtis also traces the development of neoconservativism and its ideological “sister” — radical islam. While naturally antagonistic (each needs the other to justify itself), there are paralleles between the two, manifested in the a desire to preserve a modern standard of living, but under stricter social control. Both see violence as the means to achieve their goal, both opposes individualism, both value traditions and social custom.

In other words, The Power of Nightmares

Part 1: Baby it’s cold outside

Part 2: The Phantom Victory

Part 3: The Shadows in the Cave


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    I was just wondering if you are still interested in a link exchange with me. I noticed you droppe dmy link and wondered what happened.

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    Oh an dif you are would you mind dropping by my blog and letting me know?

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    I changed my overlay and I lost the blogroll. Thanks for pointing out to me.

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    To view Adam Curtis’ last series ‘The Trap: What Happened To Our Dream of Freedom?’ in its entirety click here or go to


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