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Rebels of the Green movement


Yes, there are indeed some. Two people, at odds with the environmentalist mainstream. Their message is radical:  “We can’t stop global warming without a revolution in technology”. And so, like all rebels, they went out and…

started lobbying politicians

Technological revolutions don’t come cheap, $300bn, to be exact

With a handful of like-minded partners, they drafted the New Apollo project, the first version of their plan for a federally subsidized greening of the economy. They hired an economist to run the numbers and determined that a $300 billion government investment could call forth another $200 billion in private capital.

(To prove their independence from traditional environmental politics, they picked someone who had worked for the Bush administration.)


The truth about China and Tiananmen

 Tiananmen flag

(Photograph by Robert Croma of London, UK)

Justin Raimondo writes an excellent piece on the recent history of China, the transition from Maoism to free-markets and how a lot of it has been misinterpreted.

Tiananmen is put in a totally different light, not as a revolution for democracy, but a power-grab by the intellectual Maoist left. And in the West stand the Left, Labor and the Conservatives, rattling their swords against this perceived threat. And indeed it is a threat to them.

Read it all here

Jon Stewart, gold bug?

Alan Greenspan interviewed by Jon Stewart on his new book.

White Rabbit – Jefferson Airplane

Surreal, trippy…

I love the crescendo near the end and the abrupt stop.

“Feed your head!”