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A hollow victory (Microsoft)

In a soundbite, EuroNews told it like this: “EU defeats mighty Microsoft”

The full story 

Microsoft will now have to open its protocols to its rivals. Server applications written for different operating systems will be able to inter-operate with Microsoft ones (for a small fee and royalties). This will allow outside developers to compete with Microsoft on their own turf and (hopefully) lower prices across the board.

But is it really “a victory for consumers”,  as Kroes was saying?

This is total fantasy. The market looks like this, as of October 2007:

Apache (Linux) 47.73%
Microsoft 37.13%
Google 5.44%
Sun 1.58%
lighttpd 1.08%

As we see, Microsoft barely has more than a third of the market. The fact is, Open Source has won this battle, sitting at the top of the pack. Microsoft has NEVER been the dominant server software provider. It seems the EU Commission cannot distinguish between desktops and servers.


Political issue of the year

Every year, actually

Good intentions…

Most of the harm in the world is done by good people, and not by accident, lapse, or omission, writes Isabel Paterson. It is the result of their deliberate actions, long persevered in, which they hold to be motivated by high ideals toward virtuous ends.

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There is no Al Gore

if we let facts get in the way

(again stolen from Gabriel’s blog )

… The 11 inaccuracies that the court found are not quibbles. They represent the film’s most spectacular claims about the dangers of global warming, and form the very basis of the film. Were the film to be edited to have these inaccuracies removed, in fact, vanishingly little would be left.

Hug an SUV, kill a tree, it’s all good.

Zimbabwe, the road to disaster

Inflation, price controls, property redistribution, a leftist utopia?

The fact sheet says it all

(From Gabriel’s blog)

Keep an eye on Venezuela and Chile.

Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize?

For great achievements in fearmongering and for trying to save planet Earth from his own carbon footprint…

Meet Al Gore


Ron Paul trip hop

Found on the LRC Blog

Al Qaeda terror video pre-release

Folks in Washington accidentally released a new Al Qaeda™ video ahead of schedule. The public still needs to be frightened into submission, so Bin Laden Studios will work overtime to release new content. Not to worry, the War on Terror™ is going ahead as planned, small slips notwithstanding.

Another school shooting: guns must be banned once and for all

Guns don’t kill people, cops do. It’s time guns were taken off the streets, and that includes the police force.

Or otherwise, let the victims defend themselves for a change!