There is no Al Gore

if we let facts get in the way

(again stolen from Gabriel’s blog )

… The 11 inaccuracies that the court found are not quibbles. They represent the film’s most spectacular claims about the dangers of global warming, and form the very basis of the film. Were the film to be edited to have these inaccuracies removed, in fact, vanishingly little would be left.

Hug an SUV, kill a tree, it’s all good.


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  1. Aaron Kinney on

    FYI, I am hosting the next Market Anarchist Blog Carnival on Oct 29th. Deadline for submissions is Oct 28th.

    You can find the details here. Submit something, bro! Id love to present one of your essays in the Carnival 🙂

  2. bdog on

    I invented the internet wheres my nobel peace prize?

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