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Cocaine Socialism (song)

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I thought that you were joking / When you said “I want to see you

To discuss your contribution / To the future of our nation’s heart and soul

Six o’clock, my place, Whitehall” / Well I arrived just after seven

But you said “It doesn’t matter” / “I understand your situation

And your image, and I’m flattered / Oh and I’d just like to tell you

That I love all of your albums / Could you sign this for my daughter?

She’s in hospital, her name is Miriam / Now get down to the gist:

Do you want a line of this? / Are you a (sniff) / socialist?”

“Doin’ fine, yeah! / Buzzin’ all the time / Just one hit / And I feel great

And I support / The welfare state / Oh, you must be socialist

‘Cos you’re always off out on the piss / In your private member’s bar

Oh yes you are / Yer superstar / Well you sing about common people

And the mis-shapes and the misfits / So can you bring them to my party

And get them all to sniff this? / And all I’m really saying

Is come on and rock the vote for me / All I’m really saying

Is come on roll up that note for me / The gist of all of this is

Do you want hits or d’you want misses? / Are you a socialist, yeah

Socialist, yeah / Socialist, yeah / Oh yeah”

“Yeah, you can be just what you want to be

Just as long as you don’t try to compete with me

And we’ve waited such a long time

For the chance to help our own kind, so now

Please come on and tow the party line / Oh you owe it to yourself

Don’t think of anybody else / And we promise we won’t tell

Oh we won’t tell, and we won’t sell” / No we won’t / No we won’t

No we won’t

Very nice!


Good intentions revisited (DDT)

The Law of Unintended Consequences comes back again and again. The cautionary take that spurred the environmentalist movement proved to be a bitter seed for some people. I wonder if Mrs. Carson thinks of the millions she has on her consciousness, or the birds and the trees that never were harmed. This is an instance where hysteria was made into law (by way of the Precautionary Principle) and all too often people end up dead because of it. There are errors of action and errors of inaction; just because a fact seems imminent, does not mean “scientific consensus” should be forced into being. Because sometimes action is more harmful than inaction, and in case of the state, almost always is.


Explaining the sub-prime crisis

These guys nail it:

It’s hard to untangle the media buzz, but Fortune and Bird manage just that. Unfortunate that truth is so much relegated to the comedy shows, but we take it as it comes.

Props to Gary North for noting it.