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Humanity causes volcanic eruptions

The Antarctic ice sheet is melting, but the usual suspects are not to blame, apparently.

So I’m waiting to see how industry, life and human civilization causes these events because otherwise we have to fire Al Gore.

(Volcano suspected of melting the ice in Antarctica)


Against irrational exuberance

You can’t spend exuberance. (Gerard Jackson)

The best refutation thus far.

Economic bubbles don’t happen out of nothing. While bad judgement is part of the entrepreneurial process (or anything involving decisions), prolongued and systematic mis-judgement finds a better explanation in government meddling.

The lives of others (Das Leben der Anderen) (Movie)

A deep and fascinating movie about life beyond the Iron Curtain, Lives of Others has something to show for itself. A story about surveillance, obedience and humanity; I won’t give away the plot, so go and watch it!

But listen to this first…