Guns of the future

Reserved for the military for use against civill…, err… enemy combatants.

From on the LRC  blog


10 comments so far

  1. Republican Dude on

    I want wanna those,

    Thats why I vote Republican

  2. Aaron Kinney on

    Republicans dont want civilians to have that gun, genius.

  3. Robert wood on

    Come on there legal with 3 different liicenses A.T.F. Conceal carry And hunting

  4. david zimmer on

    i want one so that when i join the marines i kan blow the crap out everyone.

  5. david zimmer on

    im the best shooter ever and i’m only 12

  6. glayshure on

    that gun shows a new meaning to spray and pray lol

  7. ethan collins on

    I had a chance to shoot the aa-12 and it is avery good weapon but the xm8 is the best gun ever! its gonna replace the m-16 soon!

  8. justus satcher on

    i wont 1 so i can kill robbers

  9. jo satchels on

    you fucking faggots im going to blow all your heads off!!

  10. jim satchels on

    if anyones a faggot here its me! fuck you

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