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The Court of Public Relations

Sam Dodson does a great job deconstructing the concept of statist justice.

“You don’t question me, sir!”

From the LRC Blog


Headline of the day

Lack of bank note paper threatens Zimbabwe economy

The country, already suffering hyperinflation, is on the brink of financial collapse, analysts say.

And they are in danger because… they can no longer print money!

Unemployment at the printing press…

The printing operation drastically slowed. Two-thirds of the 1,000-strong workforce was ordered to go on leave, and two of the three money-printing shifts were canceled.

This is yet another instance where economic laws have been ignored, or legislated against. Yet, like the other laws of nature, they are oblivious to political pressure. It takes a hyperinflation to bring that realization to most people, but it would take a lot more for that dim bulb who wrote the article.