Government is a criminal organization whose sole  purpose is, like any other organization, the furthering of its own interests. It is the biggest such organization in society and it holds a monopoly on “law”. As such, it defines itself as the de-facto standard for justice. As it stands, it does so for the sole reason that the people under its rule do not realize its true nature.

Since it holds the monopoly on the law, it also holds the monopoly on violence. Violence is the means of the state. Violent revolutions bring forth other forms of statism, but never true freedom, because the state exists primarily as an ideology. It is here where the battle can be won and where IT is the weakest.

Hence, this blog.


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  1. John on

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    We’re launching a blog roll and would love to list you there too. With over 800K readers a month, I thought cross linking would be mutually beneficial. We saw that you’re listing a lot of other political magazines such as us so we hope you’ll list us too.

    John Neal
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  2. adi11235 on

    I’m sorry, I don’t think this blog’s contents really fit into your format.

  3. bibomedia on

    Have a nice day !

  4. Putty Tat on

    Funny thread!

    Say did you get my messages at Skype??? If no… come over to the forum…

    See you soon… as your blog’s format fits in nicely with our format…


  5. Putty Tat on

    In case I forgot to enclose it last time…


  6. Helena Rose on

    I couldn’t agree more. Who are you?

  7. dfemmerich on

    Hey, I’m a fellow anarcho-capitalist. Just came across your blog and was wondering if you’d like to cross link with my blog, http://donemmerich.blogspot.com/. Thanks!

    Don Emmerich

  8. tomnstone on

    whats up iam intrstid in all of this i dont know much about it but i am fed up with the gov i just lost my job my house and wll the list go on what can i do to help out

  9. Peter on

    Since you so dislike the very idea of living in a country that has an organised, central administration in place, may I suggest you relocate to a nation that has been so blessed with an absence of government for many years now – that is, Somalia? No government is in place there, and look a the result – chaos!

    Governments do a great deal of GOOD. For example they regulate economies, protect – via legislation – the poor from the rich (okay, in the U.S. it’s the other way around), formulate and introduce traffic regulations (you know, to keep us from crashing into each other on the freeways), keep guns out of the hands of criminals (again, in the U.S., this doesn’t seem to work because there are no regulations against gun ownership, any idiot can possess one), distribute pensions, maintain vital infrastructure… et cetera, and so on.

    What would you have in place instead? Everyone doing as they please, and damn the consequences?

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