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Humanity causes volcanic eruptions

The Antarctic ice sheet is melting, but the usual suspects are not to blame, apparently.

So I’m waiting to see how industry, life and human civilization causes these events because otherwise we have to fire Al Gore.

(Volcano suspected of melting the ice in Antarctica)


There is no Al Gore

if we let facts get in the way

(again stolen from Gabriel’s blog )

… The 11 inaccuracies that the court found are not quibbles. They represent the film’s most spectacular claims about the dangers of global warming, and form the very basis of the film. Were the film to be edited to have these inaccuracies removed, in fact, vanishingly little would be left.

Hug an SUV, kill a tree, it’s all good.

Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize?

For great achievements in fearmongering and for trying to save planet Earth from his own carbon footprint…

Meet Al Gore


Global Warming – Doomsday Called Off

CBC released a new documentary on the theme of global warming.

Watch it over at Freedom Channel

The Global Warming Swindle (documentary)

One for Gore:

I want my money back

What constitutes fraud, if not a service that does not deliver, and so spectacularly like social security:

22 June 2007

Ms. Clara Perez

Dear Ms. Perez:

Thanks for your e-mail alerting me to Presidential-hopeful John Edwards’s proposal to create “a regulatory commission to protect consumers from dangerous financial products.”

If such a commission does its job, I suggest that the first dangerous financial product that it attacks be Social Security. Not only are Social Security’s returns lousy; not only are its “customers” never vested their “contributions”; not only does the institution providing it have no sound plan to keep it solvent; not only does this institution intentionally mislead its clients about its insolvency (witness its discussions of the illusory “trust fund”) – but its “customers” are forced to buy it. That is a dangerous financial product!


Donald J. Boudreaux

George Mason University

Found on Cafe Hayek.

An Inconvenient Lie – Debunking Al Gore is letting rip on the man:

as opposed to: “OMG, dude, we’re all going to die! Quick, give us all your money and freedom!

Addendum: An entry on the BBC documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle.” Worth a watch.