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Michael Crichton on Social Phobias

Natural disasters, media manipulation and the information casualties.

Quick quote from it:

“If there is no news, we give it to you with the same emphasis as if there were”


Al Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize?

For great achievements in fearmongering and for trying to save planet Earth from his own carbon footprint…

Meet Al Gore


Rebels of the Green movement


Yes, there are indeed some. Two people, at odds with the environmentalist mainstream. Their message is radical:  “We can’t stop global warming without a revolution in technology”. And so, like all rebels, they went out and…

started lobbying politicians

Technological revolutions don’t come cheap, $300bn, to be exact

With a handful of like-minded partners, they drafted the New Apollo project, the first version of their plan for a federally subsidized greening of the economy. They hired an economist to run the numbers and determined that a $300 billion government investment could call forth another $200 billion in private capital.

(To prove their independence from traditional environmental politics, they picked someone who had worked for the Bush administration.)

Is Green the new Red?

To Al Gore: can you name a problem with our planet that can’t be cured by government intervention?

On that theme, Brussels Journal has an interesting new piece:

Why Green is Red

A rallying cause

These movements also provide an enemy, and enemies are useful for defining your place in the world. While it is difficult to share friends, you can easily share enemies, since hatred is far less demanding than love and requires no shared judgment—only a common target.

But I object to the statement that environmentalism is necessarily Red. Just because the movement has been subverted does not make it an invalid concept.

Next: Capitalism and the environment, how can they make good friends

Global Warming – Doomsday Called Off

CBC released a new documentary on the theme of global warming.

Watch it over at Freedom Channel

Recycling as waste


Do we see gold or do we see garbage?

Mike Munger is interviewed by Russ Roberts from EconTalk on the issue of recycling. Munger poses the question: “Is it[the recyclable] garbage or a resource?”

If it’s garbage, then it’s just better to throw it away. If it takes more resources to turn it back into something useful, then recycling it is actually wasteful. Sometimes, just throwing things away is better for the environment.

Listen to the podcast