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Economic Sophistry

This little argument I came up with on while arguing on a web forum. It’s amazing how much insight a basic economic understanding can give you:

Why gay men should not marry, but lesbians should

For gay men (by definition) the value of women is less than that of men. If men seek women, this gives women power. The greater the number of suitors, the more powerful women become. Conversely, the power women have by virtue of being women is diminished. Womenfolk are naturally advantaged by a greater number of men going after them (simple supply and demand). Therefore, gayness is against feminism.

Since feminism is a naturally established doctrine of our current (“liberal”) social order, it means gayness is against society.

On the other hand, lesbianism is in favor of society. Lesbianism reduces the number of women who would accept a man, therefore, heterosexual women get to have a greater power over men by virtue of the greater scarcity of non-lesbian women.

Also, since according to feminism, the woman is the superior life form, it can only be moral and just that they consort with each other.

There you have it, the (fe)male chauvinist lesson in Economics 😉