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Why I Detest Donkeys & Elephants

Howdy folks. I decided to display more tallented¬†writings from my friend Ken here. Anytime I post somebody’s article it is from either a message board, personal correspondance, website article, or other. Today we are going to talk about the groups informally known as elephants and donkeys and formally as the two gangs comprised of lawyers, con-artists, and thugs competing with one another to operate a protection racket, as well as other wannabe rulers *cough* minarchists *cough*.¬† Enjoy and leave a comment.

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Hands Across Terrorism

There are no “good guys” or “bad guys” in this world, and as we can see, no shortage of people willing to make that division.

Terrorism, of all stripes, manifested as the murder of innocent civillians is always wrong. Wether it is the fault of Al Quaeda, Hezbollah, or even the Israeli or American government. It may be one thing to talk about who is a greater murderer, but they are all murderous nonetheless. Quite an often mistaken aspect of public discourse: confusing the lesser evil with the best.

This is a view from “the other side,” far from objective, and siding with “the lesser murderers,” but potentially instructive:

Harry’s Place – No Excuses for Terror