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The real root of the Middle East crisis

Is it British or French collonialism, American Imperialism, Israeli state terrorism, or maybe Arab terrorism? Who fired the first shot, who threw the first stone?

If we’re going to be ingaged in such conversation, we might as well surrender. The roots of these feuds are so old and so convoluted that surveying them would be entirely useless from the objective in hand. At best, a hystorical perspective can provide some raw information, but even if there is agreement on factual events, the interpretations will be inherently adversative.

The solution does not involve dismantling the state of Israel as an end objective. Neither does it imply concessions on the side of “the arabs.”

Well, what is it? Stefan Molyneux to explain.

It’s not Israel, nor Palestine, Lebanon or Hezbollah. It’s old-fashioned Collectivism. Religion, Statism, Communism – and the unavoidable effect: war – all have one common root cause.


The crime of being a human shield

In recent comments made on CNN, Israeli military officials have found a new way of framing the latest attack. Get ready for this: It’s Hezbollah’s fault for hiding amongst civillian inhabited areas.

And indeed, it’s Hezbollah who fired the missile, that which killed, among others some 34 terrorists, cleverly disguised as innocent children.

It must be no doubt at this moment that the entire action is a large operation of revenge killing. 20 innocent Lebanese for the lives of one innocent Israeli. That’s the rate these days on the death markets.

So as we see, neither the islamo-fascists, nor the democratic fascists will go out of business any time soon.

Misplaced Outrage?

In a recent incident, some 4 UN soldiers stationed in Southern Lebanon were killed by an Israeli missile. The said troops were present to “oversee” the ongoing conflict. Somewhat typical of the UN, and also of Kofi Anan:

“U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said he was “deeply distressed” by the “apparently deliberate” strike.”

Power does indeed corrupt, but does it also make one blind? Has mr. Anan been as “deeply distressed” by the “apparently deliberate” strike against the hundreds of Lebanese civillians killed thus far? Don’t get me wrong, greater outrage has been expressed for the equally deliberate attacks against Israeli civillians. But in war, the enemy is and must be dehumanized.

In statements that would make George Orwell shirk and roll in his grave, he will see double-speak raised to the rank of “fair and ballanced” reporting. Our dead are “murdered innocent civillians,” the enemy’s are mere “collateral damage.”

Morality 101: Deliberately targeting and killing civillians (people not willing to get involved into a war) is murder.

Hezbollah are, undoubtably, murderers. They deliberately target and kill Israeli civillians.

Israel officials claim to target only Hezbollah strongholds. However, missiles have struck at and destroyed civillian buildings and killed innocent civillians. Not only that, if a certain Hezbollah would be stationed near a civillian building, the Israeli military has no qualms with blowing up the entire perimeter.

Basically, if your action is deliberate, you are responsible for the effects. Even if the said missiles misfired (a few dozen times, mind you) you are still responsible for the damage.

Take this analogy: I build a rather powerful pipe bomb, and place it in a garbage container, and set it to go off automatically after some time. I may say that I don’t wish to murder anyone, but my actions ALWAYS say more of my intentions. Thus, sending missiles into inhabited regions of Lebanon cannot excuse you. And it does not change your status, which is undeniably that of a cold-blooded murderer.

Now, to give you a taste what the Lebanese (and in fairness, Israelis) are living right now, watch this short video.