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Cutting off “enemy communications”

Something fishy‘s going on at the bottom of the Persian Gulf.

One event can be a coincidence, two at the same time is highly unlikely. My guess is the NSA or the like have been messing about in the vicinity.

ZDNet pulls no punches.


Now That’s More Like It.

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The real root of the Middle East crisis

Is it British or French collonialism, American Imperialism, Israeli state terrorism, or maybe Arab terrorism? Who fired the first shot, who threw the first stone?

If we’re going to be ingaged in such conversation, we might as well surrender. The roots of these feuds are so old and so convoluted that surveying them would be entirely useless from the objective in hand. At best, a hystorical perspective can provide some raw information, but even if there is agreement on factual events, the interpretations will be inherently adversative.

The solution does not involve dismantling the state of Israel as an end objective. Neither does it imply concessions on the side of “the arabs.”

Well, what is it? Stefan Molyneux to explain.

It’s not Israel, nor Palestine, Lebanon or Hezbollah. It’s old-fashioned Collectivism. Religion, Statism, Communism – and the unavoidable effect: war – all have one common root cause.