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Why I Detest Donkeys & Elephants

Howdy folks. I decided to display more tallented writings from my friend Ken here. Anytime I post somebody’s article it is from either a message board, personal correspondance, website article, or other. Today we are going to talk about the groups informally known as elephants and donkeys and formally as the two gangs comprised of lawyers, con-artists, and thugs competing with one another to operate a protection racket, as well as other wannabe rulers *cough* minarchists *cough*.  Enjoy and leave a comment.

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Dying for me?


A very good quote from Franc Tremblay:

No “messiah” has ever “died for me.” They died because they were fools.
No soldier has ever “died for me.” He died for his beliefs and his paycheck.

I have never asked anyone to die for me, and I don’t care if you think you sacrificed yourself for me. You haven’t. I never chose for anyone to do this, I never paid anyone, I never agreed to any such thing. YOU did it for yourself and now you are putting this on our shoulders? Go fuck yourself, you arrogant prick.

Die veteran, die soldier. You deserve death. HE WHO LIVES BY THE SWORD DIES BY THE SWORD. EVEN YOUR RELIGION SAYS SO.

Right on!

Patriotism Is Just Another Religion

(Many thanks to Adi and Ken for their editing of this article) 

Patriotism as defined by M-W states:

“One who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests.”

That definition is quite an interesting statement. I would like to break down various aspects of patriotism to show that it is yet another bizarre example from the cult of government.

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